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A theatre community of professional actors who are artists that care and foster growth and development in a family-like and loving environment with Integrity and Passion.






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CBU ACTORS STUDIO is Lead by Susan Campochiaro Confrey who has over 20 + years as a professional actress and coach.  Susan is formerly of a top talent agency where she trained and worked and learned from the "best of the best" agents in the industry. She is the Teacher & Coach of the Studio and gets the best results from actors in a simple formula she has created of allowing each actor to be who they are and have them transform into the character.  Working from the Inside / Out.

-Scene Study

-Monologues & Songs

-On Camera Audition Training - TV & Film

-CBU Shakespeare in the Park

-Classical Plays

-Musical Theatre



What's New in the STUDIO!

Scene Study and Monologue Class

Requirements:  Talented Actors who are also Nice/Good people who play well with others and enjoys creating art.

CBU ACTORS STUDIO believes in giving back.

We used our Actor’s talents in performances in 2018 for NY Hearts PR - A benefit of musicals and theatre scenes for the people who were devastated by Hurricane Maria. In 2019, CBU Actors Studio held a benefit of Original One Act plays written by the CBU Actors for the people of the Bahamas after the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

Our benefits have proven quite successful. We sold out the theatre both times and people donated money on top of that!

Generosity starts at home. If you wish to donate to either one of these benefits, you can do so by going to CRS.org and RedCross.org

We also run an Annual Toy Drive for the Marines’ TOYS FOR TOTS, for kids who will not have a Christmas present under their tree unless we do something about it. For the past 18 years, CBU, has run the toy drive at our Annual Christmas Party in the third week of December asking everyone invited to bring a toy or two and set it on the TOY for TOTS Table. We take the bag of toys to the drop off point where the Marines have their table set up. The Veterans manning the drop-off table are always so happy to see us and thank us profusely.

If you wish to donate to TOYS for TOTS, go to www.TOYSFORTOTS.org and make a wish come true for a child. Their smiles are worth everything!

We also donate and participate with the JOY J INITIATIVE. Founded by a member of my community, Louise Ullman...

“Joy Initiative at Blessed Sacrament organizes Outreaches for the homeless. Volunteers as- semble and distribute comfort bags for the homeless in the neighborhood and throughout the city. Volunteers of all ages including entire families find the Homeless Outreach very rewarding as they can directly help the less fortunate and experience their appreciation and gratitude”

How it works: We gather in the basement of Blessed Sacrament Church on a set Saturday morning at 9am and pack up “Comfort Bags” for the Homeless. Bags are filled with socks, hats, T-shirts or sweatshirts (in the winter), gloves, toiletries, and McDonald’s Gift Cards.

We then, at about 10:00 am, go out to the streets of NYC, armed with our green Comfort Bags and hand them out to the homeless.

The outreach spans from West 71st street down to Port Authority, Penn Station, up to Harlem and every place in between we see a homeless person(s). The Smile they give you when they receive their bag is “priceless”.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Well, this is it! The Joy of Giving is rewarding and it makes a difference!

Upcoming Joy J Outreaches at Blessed Sacrament are:

February 15

April 25

Or you can donate your check - go to www.JoyJ.org

If you wish to donate these tax deductible entities, you can do so by going to:





"...I found the actors to be excited, gracious, creative, talented and interested in learning and honing their craft... These talented and trained young actors are a testament to Susan and her guidance... Building an acting career is hard enough work under ideal circumstances, and without quality mentorship nearly an impossible task.

Susan makes this journey of theirs as smooth as possible, and fills her actors with confidence, which makes them into fearless warriors ready to take on the world."

-David Bartlett

Award winning filmmaker and teacher


David Bartlett

(Associate Producer)

“Feeling very blessed this morning to have you [Susan] in my corner. You’ve invited me into a very special community of wonderful, talented, creative souls who support me and challenge me to be the best I can be. [I'm] living the dream.“

-Robert Gregory

"It's a special place, lead by a special person, Susan, with a welcoming group, my fellow CBU ACTORS,  where I feel like my work is expanding and I’m growing both in my craft and in my personal self."

-Katelyn Stillman 

"The CBU Studio has given me a place to hone and develop my skills as an Actor, a way for me to keep the “Acting muscle” working.  It’s a safe space to learn, take risks, make mistakes, and of course have some fun.  I consider it a privilege to be part of such an amazing troop of professional Actors that are wonderfully gifted and talented.  Everyone has been very supportive, welcoming, and most of all incredible to work with.  I always look forward to our Tuesday night class."

-Justin Ariola

"Once I joined the CBU actors studio I was immediately impressed by the veracity of content that challenged me, as well as the caliber of actors with which I was performing. Every month we worked on a chosen scene or investigated works with a particular playwright and even were challenged to write our own scenes at one point which was simply phenomenal. Susan uses her keen eye to inspire breakthroughs in the actor, calling to attention habits that may have formed over the years, diving deeper into beat intention and given circumstances, as well as emotional or physical hang ups preventing the work and truth from shining through. We tape the scenes at the end of each three week cycle and then have a monologue night for polishing audition pieces or trying something new and out of your comfort zone. It’s not uncommon for people to bring in and work on their audition material, and several actors have booked work after doing so. I highly recommend this studio for the working actor, or the actor striving to work.

-Mark August

"I've had the pleasure of being a part of the CBU Actors Studio for several years now and thanks to the direction and support from Susan, I have grown incredibly so not just as a performer, but as a human being.  Susan has provided her clients every Tuesday a fun and engaging experience that is also challenging and rewarding. It is a safe space where each week actors get the opportunity to hone their crafts whether it be scene work, monologues, songs, or working on their improv skills.  Through it

all, Susan will provide specific feedback that helps her actors perform at the best of their abilities.  Susan is a beacon of light that shines on all of her clients.  She speaks the truth and only wants the absolute best for them both in their careers and personal life."

-Justin McEllroy

"I've been a part of this class for many years- it's brought me only joy! It's the safest most fun place to explore,  s-t-r-e-t-c-h my limits and just practice. It's my artistic home! We do everything from theater scene work to film,  TV and also have worked on commercial copy, vo copy and improvisation! It's a class that really has it all, and it's in a wonderful theater space to boot!

The acting coaching Susan gives is person specific and she drills down to the root of what needs to happen in order to make a scene work- with the specificity of the coaching for you and you only.  Meaning she can get to the heart of what's missing / needed from you as an individual, and bring it out and then scene springs to life!!!

I've grown as actor in her studio... I credit it and Susan with the ease and excitement I feel when I walk into an audition room. I'm no longer nervous or hesitant,  but ready to play and book the job! Which I've done MANY MANY TIMES!!!  My most credit is playing opposite Meryl Streep in THE POST and was directed by Steven Spielberg!  Thanks Susan!"


-Deborah Green

"CBU Actor’s Studio is a safe space where working actors have the chance to hone their craft through scene work, monologues, cold reads, improv, musical scenes and songs, and audition material.  Susan guides and trains me through old habits and behaviors that inhibit my growth and helps me not only improve as an actress, but also get callbacks and jobs.  This class is vital to my career.  It is a supportive group of professionals that encourages and uplifts."

-Amanda Bailey

I’ve been a part of CBU Actors Studio for more than half a decade, and in that time I’ve learned so much from Susan about being authentic and in the moment in performance while also being mindful of how to view my work through the industry’s eyes. It’s also been a thrill to watch my classmates grow as artists under Susan’s direction and coaching.

-Josh Silverman

"Every professional knows, you’re only as good as the people you train with.   Kronk’s. Gleason’s. Joe Frazier’s in North Philly.  These are some of the stables where great boxers have been born. As a working actor, CBU Studio is my stable.  I go to CBU Studio to train with working actors - people like me who are dedicated to improving their craft and putting it into practice- daily.  Susan challenges us to bring our “A” game every time we work, to be thoroughly prepared, totally spontaneous and utterly fearless.  She is completely invested in our success. 

Thanks to Susan and my CBU stablemates I am honing the skills that separate working actors from everybody else.  And I am working with pros."

-Robert Gregory

"This class keeps acting easy for me. Because of Susan’s training, I have no fear at auditions. I’m always in shape and ready to go into the audition room confidently, with ease and with a sense of full self expression.

Susan is able to bring out everyone’s unique essence and apply it to any material resulting in a unique, interesting, truthful, spontaneous scene, monologue, song or improv.


All the actors are fully committed and genuinely supportive of one another's successes. It’s a special environment and an artistic family I cherish."

-Whit K. Lee

"The  CBU Actors Studio has helped me immensely both on and off the stage and  in front of the camera and in front of just my own mirror .  Weekly, I am surrounded by hard working, highly trained professional actors, and a Teacher/Coach, Susan whom has both worked with and trained under the best in the industry.  Susan and the CBU  Actors Studio have taken my skill set to the next  level. I find it challenging and thrilling.  And  the results speak for themselves.  

Thank  you a Susan!"

-Nicholas Sotak


Being in the CBU Actors’ Studio is the most warm and loving environment I have ever been in. It is full of wonderful professional people who are very supportive and encouraging of one another. Susan is very supportive and gives us great specific feedback while we work on our scenes and hone our craft. I am very glad to have Susan, and everyone else in the class as a part of my acting career as well a part of my life.

-Patrick Kenner

"Susan, what a great Studio class tonight!!! I learned a lot by watching others and participating. Accessing "crying on cue" is something I really want to learn how to do. I see it's possible now. Thank you for encouraging me to speak up about the audition and callbacks, and the note. I get it now it's about supporting each other. Thank you for encouraging me to speak up about the audition and callbacks, and the note. I get it now it's about supporting each other."

-Jeffrey Harmon Smith

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