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"Coaching Actors in the Business of Acting"™

"CBU Inc.'s commitment is one of integrity, partnership and full-self-expression. Working with entertainment industry professionals, CBU brings about transformation, breakthroughs & miracles in actor’s careers."


-Susan Campochiaro Confrey

Transformational Coach, Talent Manager, and Artist Development







Coaching by Request!


Coaching is a requested phenomenon.  It only works when one requests coaching.




“A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”


-Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys

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Transformational Coaching on Your Business of Acting!


How's your Business of Acting going during this COVID-19 Crisis? Need help?  Don't know what to do next?  Need direction?  Feeling out of it?


 Well, I will do a virtual meeting with You on your acting career.  No need to let their dreams fade away while we are all waiting to come back to our careers!


It’s Free !! and it's Via ZOOM., so, it's social distance safe!


It’s a perfect time because when things start up it’s going to get really busy and I know, I’m sure, a lot of actors, you included, 

will want to be ready to spring back into action!


And it doesn’t matter where they live !!! 

Any state !  Any country! And, In the comfort of your own home.   


Especially if you are a recent graduate, and are planning to move to NY

in the Fall. I can help you set up your plan of action without 

wasting precious time.

Share the good news!!!

Everyone actors needs a little help!  And I am happy to give it.


"I am 100% Committed to Actors fulfilling their Dreams !!!”


Email me for your appointment!


With Love Always,️



I believe


I believe it’s possible to turn your dream of being a working actor into a reality.


I believe you can work in multiple markets , not just the one people slot you in.


I believe there’s work for all people whatever color, nationality, spirituality and / or race you are.  We are all one. Just the outside packaging is different.


I believe you can have a family and a career. One does not have to choose between the two. Although it’s not easy, with commitment and faith, it is possible. And I have clients that prove this to be true.


I believe love and care are the prime ingredients that makes up someone who guides your career, coaches your career, and manages your career. My actors are  living proof that it makes a difference to their careers and their personal lives.


I believe partnership is the key to having a successful acting career.

Team is essential. Because no one gets there on their own.


I believe attitude matters. Everyone loves to

Work with an actor who has a great attitude. No one likes a sour puss on set or stage.


I believe business acumen is crucial in growing a career in this business. Having a few classes or advice from

A friend just doesn’t cut it. Having an authentic professional business coach does.


I believe in You !


Sign up for a free Virtual meeting with me via Zoom to find out more what coaching can do for your acting career no matter what level you are at now. My promise that you will breakthrough

To whatever level you want to get to next!


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Our industry is about to come back full swing, are you ready to take on the flood?


I am looking forward to hearing from you.




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Dates TBD

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Are you Coachable?

Communication is important. Coaching is important. Not advice but authentic, to the core of one's own being coaching. That's how my top performers have been rising to the top of their game and being a working actor consistently. No one can see their own "blind spot."


That's where my 4,000 hours of training and professional coaching come into play to help you distinguish where you are blocked and to move beyond that thing you either know about and especially, what you don't know, and aren't present to.


Every athlete has a coach. Why should an Actor be any different? If you want to attain greatness, you have to be shown what you don't see first, in order to transform it. That's what coaching is! It's not advice. No one listens to advice. It takes a lot of courage, tenacity,  hard work and commitment to be coached. No one achieves anything worthwhile without it. As we all heard on the Tony's - nobody does it all alone. If you want to be great, you'll be coachable so you can be the best version of YOU!


-Susan Campochiaro Confrey

Sole Owner of CBU Inc.@1999

Coaching Success stories

"The level of accountability, integrity and support I have received from Susan and her coaching has challenged me to be present and always show up at my best."

~Carrie Compere

"Coaching with Susan has brought me successes in my career and life that I always wanted, but was never sure how to get to. From working opposite my all time favorite actor Meryl Streep and being cast in a Steven Spielberg film, to getting married and feeling confident I could have it all career and family..."

~Deborah Green

Susan coaches me and holds me accountable to promises and agreements made, and helps me see the bigger picture. Another integral piece to consistency and persistence. 

~Mark August

"I have matured much faster than I would have just going through the motions of the actor grind on my own. I have a much better handle on my business as a whole, and a better understanding of what I need to arm myself with in order to have a long, productive career."

~Lexi Rhoades

"In the year I have been with Susan she has empowered me to be more productive than I have been in 37 years!! She is a powerhouse, a dedicated promoter of artists and their art and careers. "

~David Barlett

"I would not be pursuing and living a career as an artist with out Susan and her coaching, and now have a new sense of pride in answering a stranger’s question: “What do you for a living?”

~Vinny Celeiro

"I now have to tools to get out of my own way and step into the room focused but flexible, confident and present. I’m so grateful to have someone who knows all realms of the business and can direct me accordingly."

~Crystin Gilmore

"Susan is deeply committed to the Artist and the Artist's success. Coaching with her can be very helpful in breaking down barriers and identifying any obstacles you have in your life, and as an actor, you will see tremendous results!"

~Elle Dillinger

"Susan has championed me, guided me and kept me on a professional track."

~Thaine Allison

"Susan knows how to push the envelope to help you solve some pretty hard barriers that may hold you back from being your best self... I noticed more doors opening up for me, personal projects being finished, better communication with casting agents and the self awareness that catapults ALL THAT I DO."

~Juson Williams

I trust Susan with every aspect of my career, and my life ... We are a true team in this uncertain world of acting.

~Whit K. Lee

"You will never find a better coach in your corner than Susan. She will open your mind to new possibilities to the business and will never stop supporting you to accomplishing your dreams. She is one of the most giving and loving people I know."

~Justin McEllroy

"There is no more passionate advocate for your success than Susan."

~Maxwell Zener

With Susan, I have gained control over my career, my life, and my future.

~Kimber Benedict

"My career and life are in better shape than ever. I’ve shot principal roles on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Difficult People, and I’ve recently gotten into the room for Gotham, Bull, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

~Josh Silverman

Working with Susan as my coach has completely transformed my approach to my career. She’s passionate about her work, deeply devoted to her clients, and genuinely cares about us as professionals and as people.

~Robert Gregory

The Actors Transformational Intensive™

Intensive Success stories

"The intensives have allowed me to meet, network and work with casting directors, directors, agents, producers and the like that Susan has built amazing relationships with over the years ... and continues to serve in this industry."

"Susan is completely dedicated to the health and success of every actor she works with who is willing to put in the work."

~Carrie Compere

"Being a participant in the Actor's Transformational Intensive was the best gift I've ever given myself! It's truly a springboard weekend that rockets you off to the next level of your career!"

~Deborah Green

"By the end of the weekend I remember buzzing with so much life and excitement that I was brimming with tears by the end of it all. I couldn’t wait to get back out there and audition and not only work harder, but smarter. My fire was fully reignited."

~Mark August

"The intensives are life altering in unexpected and wonderful ways."

~Whit K. Lee

"I’ll never forget what a difference I felt in not just my work but in my personal life as well and the impact that it had on me."

~Justin McEllroy

"I left the weekend completely renewed in my passion and love for acting."

~Kimber Benedict

"I emerged with renewed energy and the confidence to take on everything the business could throw at me, committed to make good on my promise to myself - to be the best that I can be."

~Robert Gregory

"I learned new insights about the industry and the people in it — and about myself. Highly recommended."

~Josh Silverman

 I've also done her Intensive twice, and grown by leaps and bounds each time, personally and professionally.

~Maxwell Zener

"Throughout that weekend you become a family, a supportive group of artists that you feel safe to discover in. The guest instructors who are some of the most respected in the industry, and create a safe room to explore your pieces while giving extremely constructive feedback." 

~Lexi Rhoades

"The Intensive Workshop with Susan was eye opening, life changing, and nothing short of intense in many ways."

~Katelyn Stillman

"Susan expands the awareness of what is possible, and coaches everyone to be unstoppable in their careers."

"When people feel stuck or are simply too afraid to grow, Susan coaches them through their fear."

"Susan makes it easy and a joy to be in an uncertain unpredictable career by expanding her clients skill sets beyond what they thought they were capable of."

"Susan trains her actors in the reality of the business of acting through her years of experience and constant contact with casting directors."

"Susan coaches people with specialized methodology that makes people break through their perceived or unknown limitations."

"Susan coaches people to see and face what they can’t or don't want to see themselves."

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