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Success Stories


Carrie was nominated for The HELEN HAYES AWARD in Jan 2024, for 

Outstanding LEAD Performer in a Musical, for her performance as

Sister Rosetta Tharpe in SHOUT SISTER SHOUT! at Ford's Theatre.

Carrie Compere-Sofia (US) on Broadway -Tony Award Winning Broadway

Revival of The Color Purple and First National Tour as Sofia.

Carrie was nominated for The Helen Hayes Award in May 2019, for her performance

as Sophia.

She was also awarded an EMMY AWARD for her AMC performance of The Color Purple

Holler if ya Hear Me - Broadway - Ensemble/Andrea US-Tonya Pinkins

The Many Saints of Newark - Mother

Seven Seconds - Sylvia - Netflix -
Gurland on Gurland Pilot - Street Walkier, co-star - CBS/Showtime

NYC 22/Episode 110 Salon Customer / Day Player - CBS

A Time Like This: Music for Change - Star Performer - Carnegie Hall 
Showboat: Live at Lincoln Center - Ensemble Starring

Vanessa Williams -New York Philharmonic/PBS
The Golden Apple - Aphrodite - New York City Center Encores!
The Lightning Thief - Sally/Charon/Silena -Lucille Lortel Theatre
Gurland on Gurland Pilot - Street Walker, co-star - CBS/Showtime
NYC 22/Episode 110 - Salon Customer/DayPlayer - CBS

Mandela - Staged Reading

The Sting - Staged Reading

Newsies - coming this summer

I am a professional actress! That is a HUGE statement for me to be able to make at this point in my life. I am able to confidently and boldly say this in large part to my relationship with Susan. Her coaching has been invaluable to me in helping to establish, grow and guide my career. Through her coaching I have been able to focus on key elements of becoming the artist that I NEED and WANT to be. The level of accountability, integrity and support I have received from Susan and her coaching has challenged me to be present and always show up at my best. 

In addition to the coaching, the intensives have allowed me to meet, network and work with casting directors, directors, agents, producers and the like that Susan has built amazing relationships with over the years that she has worked and continues to serve in this industry. Susan is completely dedicated to the health and success of every actor she works with who is willing to put in the work. I am proud to be in that number.

~Carrie Compere



Deborah Green - THE POST opposite Meryl Streep also starring Tom Hanks directed by

Steven Spielberg

Mott Haven - Gwen Roman - Jesse Wakeman/ Michael Domino and starring Robert Davi'

Blue Bloods - NBC 
Enemies: The President, Justice & The FBI - Ellen Glasser-FBI Agent - Showtime /

Jed Rothstein- dir.

Stitched - Award Nominated for Best Actress - Melinda (Lead) - Red on Black Films
Wall Street English (Sitcom Pilot - Episodic) -Ann Howe -EUX Media/ Dutch Doscher- dir.
The Diary of Anne Frank - Edith Frank - People's Light Theatre

Coaching with Susan has brought me successes in my career and life that I always wanted, but was never sure how to get to. From working opposite my all time favorite actor Meryl Streep and being cast in a Steven Spielberg film, to getting married and feeling confident I could have it all career and family -these successes would never have been possible without the coaching work we did together.

Through the coaching work we've created and attained goals I NEVER would have even thought to set - both small and big - short and long term. She's a master at being able to see what's standing in your way of reaching a goal, and holds you accountable to your actions - both the good ones and the not so good actions I've taken or resisted taking. By having someone hold me accountable (both to what is I've said I want achieve, and to what I'm doing that's in the way of attaining that goal) has lead to incredible breakthroughs. Breakthroughs in my career, my personal life, and my craft. I went from hiding who I was artistically and personally (physically and emotionally) to who I am now: I'm able to stand in front anyone, an auditor at an audition, a director, a casting director, someone in my personal life - and just be ME, be free, be honest, and be clear.
Working with Susan has brought my life in this business such clarity - who I am in and to the business. I'm confident in all areas of our craft - feel a freedom to express my creativity, never holding back, and KNOW that I will have a long and varied career - just like I dreamt as a child.

Being a participant in the Actor's Transformational Intensive was the best gift I've ever given myself! What a treat to be working, creating, learning from casting directors, and being coached by Susan for those successive days -- what a thrill!! Not only did I learn so much about the business that I never knew before, I learned so much about myself and GOT how valuable my talent is to the community as a whole. I broke through old ways thinking and being when auditioning, saw how easy and fun it is to audition, met some incredible people - both other actors and industry professionals, and most importantly got some of the best coaching from Susan! There is an air of support and trust, excitement, and love from Susan, the other actors and the industry professionals who attend -it's unlike any other and that feeling stays with you forever. It's truly a springboard weekend that rockets you off to the next level of your career!

~Deborah Green

The Post.jpg

Client WHIT K. LEE

Won BWW's Best Supporting Performer in a Play for "Leaf" in Secret Hour at Capitol Rep.

Grounded - Lead role: Dances with Films Festival, NY & San Diego Asian Film Festival

The Far Country - Atlantic Theatre Company & Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

Kaleidoscope, Law & Order, Orange is the New Black.

Wall Street English - Lead Role (Shen Li) international sitcom, EUX Media/Dutch Doscher - dir.
The Doppelgänger - with Rainn Wilson - Steppenwolf Theatre Company
A Christmas Carol - Actor-Musician - Actors Theatre Louisville

Susan as a coach keeps me accountable to my goals, moving forward in my career, expanding and growing as an artist at all times, and has kept me consistent over times of “lows” and “highs” in my career. She pushes me beyond where I think I can go, beyond where I sometimes want to go, to discover deeper levels of myself as an artist, human, and actor in the business of acting. She sees in me my full potential and pushes me to realize it as any great coach does. And she does it because she truly cares and has the highest level of integrity I have ever seen in life period.

The direct results of having a coach has led to:
1. Wall Street English, where my lead role of Shen Li is known all over the world to 180,000+ students currently watching me in 80 half hour episodes of a sitcom to help them learn English.
2. A co-star role on Orange is the New Black, Law & Order & Kaleidoscope.
3. A role at Steppenwolf Theatre across from Rainn Wilson (The Office).
4. I would not be writing, creating films or have won a film award for my short at the Inwood Film Festival.
5. And many other successes.

If not for the coaching:
1. I would have made so many business mistakes when I first came out of school.
2. I would given up acting professionally a while ago.
3. I would not be as level headed and calm about sustaining a lifetime career as an actor.

Like an Olympic athlete, I know it is vital to have a coach. It is no different than needing a coach in the business of Acting. The joy for me is that I never have to worry about what I should do on the business side of acting. Because of having a coach for the past 9 years, I am able to focus on the craft so much more fully.

All that said. I simply trust Susan with every aspect of my career, and frankly, my life. She is like no one I have ever met. Her commitment to me and my success is at times even greater than my own. I am grateful beyond what words can convey. We are a true team in this uncertain world of acting.

The intensives are life altering. My “eyes” open up to new levels of being in this world, as well as being connected to so many more professionals in the business. I am always amazed after doing an intensive how much stronger my commitment to Acting is, how much I have grown as a human, artist and business person. I discover things I never expected to learn, or never thought possible about myself. They have been for me both empowering as an artist and very practical as a business person at the same time. It’s hard to explain the full difference it makes. One just has to “jump into the pool” with full trust and an open heart and experience it to get how truly valuable it is.

~Whit K. Lee



Cartoon Network,


Syracuse Stage,

Cortland Rep

I’ll never forget the first day I met Susan. It was seven years ago when I was at my place of employment at the time, a rehearsal studio space, that I was introduced to Susan. She was conducing a New York intensive for actors to gain a better insight into the business and give them the opportunity to share their talents with casting directors she knew very well and grow as performers. I was doing my usual routine of cleaning and checking the hallways. I met one of her clients as well as a friend in the business of Susan’s and we got to chatting. They both concluded after our short conversation that I must meet Susan and she must meet me. At the time, I was working with a person that I didn’t think was doing anything to enhance my career. I’ve always been a self starter and very conscience of my work, but I was beginning to be very frustrated with how I was currently feeling and how I was being represented. I’ve told Susan this time and time again, but it was like that night all my hopes and dreams were answered when I went to tidy up their room and got to meet Susan. It was brief interaction but I knew that we clicked. She handed me one of her business cards and I promised to contact her. And the rest is history. For the first few months, I only worked with her as a coach. In that time, she instilled in me wonderful practices and gave me tools to help me execute my life as an actor and we talked a lot about life goals and where I see myself in the business. She also gave me the support I needed to get out of my own way and be able to recognize what that is and how to address it – something that I still recognize to this day thanks to her and her coaching. After coaching with her for several months, I was invited to participate in one of the intensives that I had heard so much about and really get to experience it for myself. I’ll never forget what a difference I felt in not just my work but in my personal life as well and the impact that it had on me. It was at that moment I realized how the two go hand in hand and that to become an incredible actor, you had to experience life like that and always be present in your work as you are in life. I’ve taken two New York Intensives and two Los Angeles intensives and I’ll never forget the feeling I felt after finishing each one of them. Each time I was transformed in my work and that’s what is so wonderful about Susan as a coach and as a manger. She allows you and your work to transform and grow through countless breakthroughs (thus the title of her company). Through Susan, I’ve been introduced to many people in the industry through her intensives and workshops and I’ve been giving a place to continue to hone my craft with her weekly acting class that I’ve been a member of since 2013 and to see the growth of that into to the CBU Actors Studio has been incredible. When Susan wants to accomplish something, it gets accomplished! She helps us all out in achieving our dreams, have created this beautiful community of like-minded performers, that is built on love, respect and support for one another in their daily accomplishments. She’s made me realize that in this business, its not about the race, but about the journey and holding true to oneself. You will never find a better coach in your corner than Susan. She will open your mind to new possibilities to the business and will never stop supporting you to accomplishing your dreams. She is one of the most giving and loving people I know and I know through her and the opportunities that she’s given me, my dreams and aspirations will come true.

~Justin McEllroy

Cartoon Network.png


Royal Caribbean International Cruise Lines

Monty Python's Spamalot - US Tour

I have been working with Susan as my coach for three and a half years. Susan has helped me rise to a level of professional and personal clarity that I did not know possible. Before I began coaching with Susan, I was working sporadically and making choices that were negatively impacting all aspects of my life. With Susan, I have gained control over my career, my life, and my future. We have forged a clear and articulate path forward and constantly work together to meet the goals we've set out. Susan has been the biggest source of strength for me- in my career and in my life. I am forever changed because of our work. And, I have married and moved to the U.K. where Susan has worked to get me an agent to support my career here. That's truly amazing !!

I had the great privilege of attending the NYC Intensive in May of 2018. The days I spent there were completely impactful. The small group atmosphere was amazing and I was never rushed or hurried along when presenting my material to the many casting directors. Each participant had the chance to work one on one with each casting director and the feedback was nothing short of powerful. The monologues I brought in were given a fresh breath of life and working on new material helped hone my cold reading skills. The classes and talks presented were truly transformative and I left the weekend completely renewed in my passion and love for acting.

~Kimber Benedict

Royal Caribian.png


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Difficult People



I’ve worked with Susan for several years. Over that time she has helped me to craft a life of integrity, freedom, and opportunity. I’ve become more confident, driven, and disciplined, and my career and life are in better shape than ever. I’ve shot principal roles on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Difficult People, and I’ve recently gotten into the room for Gotham, Bull, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I can feel my career taking shape, and thanks to Susan’s coaching I’m prepared for the next steps.

I attended the New York Intensive in 2007 and the LA Intensive in 2012. I found both experiences invaluable. I met industry professionals and received rare constructive feedback, learned a great deal about the ins and outs of navigating the business of acting, and gained confidence and drive as I learned new insights about the industry and the people in it — and about myself. Highly recommended.

~Josh Silverman



You're My Friend with Tom Hanks




At a time when my wheels were spinning creatively after a couple years in this brand new city on my own, I started to feel the fire of hope and excitement being stifled. As we occasionally receive some hope here and there as actors through a lucky off off broadway show, this was the case for me with a casting in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. 

As fate would have it, Susan Campochiaro Confrey was in the audience and had her office reach out to me for a meeting. I had no representation at the time and all the work I was doing was was submission based and looking through backstage, actors access, hoping I’d get a bite.

Susan and I met at a cafe and we had a lovely connection. She invited me to attend an intensive: A three day weekend, 8 hrs a day, completely immersed with the industry working on material in front of casting professionals. By the end of the weekend I remember buzzing with so much life and excitement that I was brimming with tears by the end of it all. I couldn’t wait to get back out there and audition and not only work harder, but smarter. My fire was fully reignited. 

These lessons continue on a weekly basis where Susan coaches me and holds me accountable to promises and agreements made, and helps me see the bigger picture. Another integral piece to consistency and persistence. 

I just completed my first film "POWER(less) as "NeverMind" the evil nemesis to Ricky Power, which with Susan 's help as Co-Producer on the film, auditioned me and cast me in this role. We won for Best Thriller at the Manhattan Film Festival and went on to be shown at the Short Film Corner in CANNES in May of this year at the Palais G. Something I never dreamed was possible, but from what I know about Susan, "anything is possible".

CBU Management Inc. has been the driving success behind my work, namely my role in an award winning short film, my SAG/AFTRA and Equity memberships, and most recently a feature film role opposite Tom Hanks, You're My Friend shooting in October.

Thank you Susan for all you do, and your continued love and investment in our success and dreams. You truly care about us.

~Mark August



Disney Cruise Lines
Norwegian Cruise Lines
Off-Broadway Sistas
Off-Broadway Skippy Jon Jones: Snow What?

Since I began coaching with Susan in 2012, my perspectives, work ethic, and self worth have changed. I have matured much faster than I would have just going through the motions of the actor grind on my own. 
I have a much better handle on my business as a whole, and a better understanding of what I need to arm myself with in order to have a long, productive career.
I have attended the Actor’s Intensive twice since I began coaching, and the Intensive and it really intensified my journey as an actor. Being in a room full of other equally hungry, yet differently skilled artists, is refreshing. Throughout that weekend you become a family, a supportive group of artists that you feel safe to discover in. The guest instructors who are some of the most respected in the industry, and create a safe room to explore your pieces while giving extremely constructive feedback. I’ve had opportunities come from that weekend that I probably don’t even know about.
I’ve worked consistently in this industry for about 13 years and I’m proud to call myself a small part of this family.

~Lexi Rhoades



The Admired
Nowhere Fast
A Voice in the Dark



When I met Susan I had an acting career that had spread itself out over many years. I got a small job here and there and did some good work, but it never got off the ground. In the year I have been with Susan she has empowered me to be more productive than I have been in 37 years!! She is a powerhouse, a dedicated promoter of artists and their art and careers. 

~David Bartlett




Working with Susan as my coach has completely transformed my approach to my career. She’s passionate about her work, deeply devoted to her clients, and genuinely cares about us as professionals and as people.  


When I met Susan I had plenty of ambition, but was completely without a plan. Her methodical approach has provided me with the discipline, focus and clarity to achieve my goals.  


The Actor’s Transformational Intensive helped me confront the things that were blocking me and overcome them. I emerged with renewed energy and the confidence to take on everything the business could throw at me, committed to make good on my promise to myself - to be the best that I can be. Now, our regular coaching sessions remind me of that promise and keep me on track.

Following Susan’s coaching has opened me up to numerous opportunities I would never have gotten on my own. I am blessed to have her at my side.


~Robert Gregory


Ogunquit Playhouse


Before I met Susan I was very close to leaving the industry and continue career as a full time personal trainer and Drag Queen.

While working with Susan throughout our coaching and during the intensive we soon realized not only was she coaching a “Chorus Boy” but also a “Chorus Girl”, and the possibilities for growth became endless! 

Her continued support in my athletic and drag careers resulted in me molding these different aspects of my life and re focus to make them relevant and beneficial to my theatrical career. 

Now after 3 years I am no longer just a dancer or just a trainer or just a drag queen. I have transformed into one fully shaped, but ever changing and learning artist, athlete and person. I am able to let go of my past and reclaim my artistic goals and dreams. 

I would not be pursuing and living a career as an artist with out Susan and her coaching, and now have a new sense of pride in answering a stranger’s question: “What do you for a living?”

Pray and Slay In love and sweat.
~Vinny “Nomi SAS” Celeiro



Charleston Stage 
Show Palace Dinner Theater
Playhouse on the Square
Speakeasy Stage Company
Winner of the IRNE and Arts Impulse Award).


Video Testimonial

Susan’s Coaching sessions have really shown me how to prepare for success when it comes to auditions. I now have to tools to get out of my own way and step into the room focused but flexible, confident and present. I’m so grateful to have someone who knows all realms of the business and can direct me accordingly.


~Crystin Gilmore






The Intensive Workshop with Susan was eye opening, life changing, and nothing short of intense in many ways. It was a time to reflect on the talents of oneself and also respect the amazing work of others. She helped everyone in the intensive change for the better. The difference between my feelings for my work beforehand compared to afterward was extreme. I left thinking, "Wow, I really am able and worthy!" It was a blessing.

~Katelyn Stillman



download (1).jpg


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Boardwalk Empire


There is no more passionate advocate for your success than Susan. Her coaching has been invaluable to me -- she never stops challenging me to move forward, to get to my next level, and never stops supporting me to get there. She inspires me, guides me, and -- like any true coach -- kicks my butt when it needs kicking. I've also done her Intensive twice, and grown by leaps and bounds each time, personally and professionally.

~Maxwell Zener


Client Elle Dillinger

Susan is deeply committed to the Artist and the Artist's success.  Coaching with her can be very helpful in breaking down barriers and identifying any obstacles you have in your life, and as an actor, you will see tremendous results!

~Elle Dillinger (LA actor)

Client Thaine Allison

I have been with Susan Campochiaro-Confrey of CBU Management, Inc. for almost a year.  My previous manager was available for a few minutes once a year.  I talk with Susan on a scheduled basis once per week.  If I have questions or issues I can call or text at any time.   For five years, I was without representation and I did OK but so much better knowing that my materials are being seen on a regular basis by real casting directors.  Transition from lone wolf to team player has been trying at times as I have had to break old bad habits and adopt a more disciplined approach to my career.


Susan has championed me, guided me and kept me on a professional track.

~Thaine Allison (L.A. Actor)


Client Juson Williams


My name is Juson Williams, currently starring in Goodspeed Opera House’s Music Man, as Marcellus Washburn. My credits stretch out over a far meadow. Whether I’m on Broadway, Touring, working with Sam Smith, Shania Twain, Nile Rodgers, Directing, Choreographing, I needed to find some balance in my life and that’s when I met Susan. I’ve known Susan Campochiaro Confrey for more than 6 years. I met Susan through my Sister in the arts Carrie Compere, who has been in the Broadway and touring company revival of the Color Purple, Holler If you Hear me, Sistas, Shrek, and so much more. Susan is Carrie’s Manager and together, they have a successful and meaningful relationship both professionally and personally.

I needed some balance and I began some work with Susan as my coach. When I tell you that my life and way of thinking has changed for the better, I truly mean it. I’ve learned how to prioritize my thoughts and time. Together, we devised a lucrative plan to move to the next level that I’ve always been ready for.


Susan knows how to push the envelope to help you solve some pretty hard barriers that may hold you back from being your best self. Her method of strengthening and sharpening your career goals are beautiful. I’ve learned so much and while applying all that I’ve accumulated, I noticed more doors opening up for me, personal projects being finished, better communication with casting agents and the self awareness that catapults ALL THAT I DO.


It was a true blessing to finally work with Susan and to start getting the results that I have been wanting before we met. I am very thankful for Susan and I am enjoying the ride that we are on as a team. I’m looking forward to delve deeper into all the possibilities that she has in store for me and us in the near future. 


P.S. she came to see me on the Opening Night of The Music that’s special!

~Juson Williams (Actor/Singer/Director/Choreographer/Writer)

"I had the great pleasure of teaching a class of Susan’s while she and her group of talented young students toured Los Angeles. I found the actors to be excited, gracious, creative, talented and interested in learning and honing their craft. These qualities are something that is severely lacking in today’s acting training, and in the young actors that are coming up.


These talented and trained young actors are a testament to Susan and her guidance. It is refreshing to see a team of young thoroughbreds like them led my someone with real competence. Building an acting career is hard enough work under ideal circumstances, and without quality mentorship nearly an impossible task. Susan makes this journey of theirs as smooth as possible, and fills her actors with confidence, which makes them into fearless warriors ready to take on the world.

If I am able to meet them again, either in a class or on the set, I will feel quite fortunate.

Thank you Susan, and keep up your great work!"

-David Bartlett

Award winning filmmaker and teacher

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